Hamantashen, Large (4)


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Year round, you can enjoy Ostrovitsky’s Large Hamantashen. If you’re familiar with Hamantashen, and you’re looking for the biggest, flakiest, best filled Hamantashen, Ostrovitsky’s has your order ready. Like all products, our Hamantashen are fresh and ready to ship — never frozen.

Hamantashen are shaped like the hat of the villain of the traditional purim story “Haman”. Where the “tashen” comes from is anyone’s guess… or it could be diminutive familiar language for “thing”, “Pastry”, “Patchkie” or some similar language form and thus “Haman-Thing” is what we call HAMANTASHEN. Confused with the long-winded definition? TRY ONE and the confusion will be gone. Hamantashen means : YUM, with coffee, in a lunchbox, or on the table.

Available in poppy, raspberry, apricot, or mixed box, these are our LARGE Hamantashen, not to be confused with our small cookie-like Hamantashen which are available only before and during the Purim holiday in early spring. Early spring, and Purim only happen once a year.

Weight : 1 lbs
Hamentashen : 4
Weight 1 lbs
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