Cheese Caramel Croissant (2)


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What is a “Cheese Caramel Croissant?” Let’s start with Ostrovitsky Bakery’s finest sweet roll dough, then fill it with a deep, sweet dairy caramel filling, and slowly cover it in wisps and drips of the finest sugar glaze Brooklyn has to offer.

Perfect for a long night of reading, or an early power breakfast, this croton is no simple puff pastry roll. Our Caramel Cheese Croissants are big and friendly and could go toe to toe with any other bakery’s “Bear Claw”.

Weight : 1 lbs Rolls : 2

Please note we are not able to ship any Cheese or Dairy products to the state of California due to state legal restrictions.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.3125 × 7.9375 × 2.625 in